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What do you want to be when you grow up? A question I think I was asked pretty much yearly kindergarten through 6th grade, and as a father and youth worker it is a question I know I ask quite frequently. My oldest who is a first grader this year when asked a year or so ago what she wanted to be replied “A baby doctor and hair cutter” noble aspirations indeed. Now this year when asked the same question we hear more about popular singers and actors, and while I would love for my daughter to be jet setting around the world performing to thousands of fans I know the odds are stacked against us, not impossible, but improbable. Just for grins I thought I’d take a look back at my 5 year old ideal occupation and compare it to where I am today.

At age 5 I had my life all planned out, I’d be a soldier that became an astronaut who also played professional football, living the life. Here I sit some 30+ years later scratching my head wondering where I went wrong…
I did make a halfhearted attempt to get into the Navy when I was a senior, mostly based on the thought that I’d be graduating a with a nursing degree which would automatically bump me in rank and pay (at least according to the recruiter).
I have always appreciated science, and would still love at some point to go to space but unless they are developing a study where they test the results of mass media consumption in space, I’m most likely out of the running.
And the professional football player thing, yeah that never went anywhere either. I was courted by the coach at school for a minute but mostly due to lack of motivation on my part I never even went out for the team, and just when I was thinking about giving it another go in high school I had a career ending knee blowout in a pickup game of basketball.

Based on what the 5 year old me wanted to be I am a complete failure, I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this. Based on a more adult me I am pretty pleased with where I am today, that’s not to say I am completely happy and have met all my aspirations but when I look at my wife and family and friends I realize things could be a whole lot worse.